Rocky & Russell Tovey

Say hello to the lovely Rocky, Russell Tovey’s lovely french bulldog. Wherever Russel goes, he takes his puppy and if you haven’t seen him yet, you better check him on instagram. This collage was made using recycled paper from magazines … Read More

Tessa & Tom Holland

If you don’t know her, go and educate yourself! This is Tom Holland’s lovely blue staffy ‘Tessa’. Everybody loves her after her appearance on the red carpet of the Homecoming premiere where she made every Tom Holland fan jealous. This … Read More


This portrait shows the cute little Silke. He was the best friend of a dear friend of mine and unfortunately he passed away very recently. This is some kind of memorial for this little creature who will never be forgotten. … Read More

Queen Lulu

This is a portrait of the reigning queen of my humble abode, Queen Lulu the first. This image represents one of those snuggly moments when she forgets her fear of humans and dares to get close to me for a … Read More


This was a commission work for my in laws, and shows a portrait of the naughty Ruffus, a very mischievous rescued terrier who lives in Bretagne France. This made a perfect Christmas present to immortalize the smallest member of the … Read More

Whesley & Mitsie

This are my grandma in law’s cats, and were portrayed as a personalized Christmas present for this crazy cat lady. The original is still available for sale, since what she got were high resolution copies transformed into a lunch lap … Read More