Best known for his character Keith Lemon, this comedian is part of the inventory when you think of TV essential faces, thanks to shows like ‘Bo Selecta’, Keith Lemon’s LemonAid, Lemon La Vida Loca, The Keith Lemon Sketch Show the most famous one: ‘Celebrity Juice’ I don’t think there’s anyone in the UK who cant recognize his face.This man is not at all a typical #ManCrush, he lacks all the hunkyness that man crushes normally have, but his saucy sense of humor and naughty personality, plus his 70’s porn actor’s mustache give him in one way or another what he needs to enter my #ManCrush list.

This collage was made using recycled paper from magazines on a wooden panel, coated with #ArtResin.

If you’re interested in buying this or commissioning a similar piece, please get in touch.

Dimensions: 20×20 cm

Making of Timelapse