This is my very first collage, and I made it just as a homework at university. It is very simple but it served as inspiration to continue using this technique as a hobby until today, more than 10 years later. It is inspired on Rene Magritte’s painting ‘The king’s museum, 1966’ (or was it ‘The happy donor, 1966’?).


This is my favourite work from when I started using this technique. It is inspired on the famouspainting by Salvador Dali ‘Burning Giraffe’ and it’s the first piece I made just for the pleasure of making it.


I’m not really sure of what was my inspiration for this piece, I only remember that from here I became a bit obsessed about having very defined lines, with contrast between different shades that could give some movement and depth to the images, being very careful with the choice of colours.


This piece was inspired in the work of Barbara Kruger and her use of the red colour on top of other images. the main image represents all those who just observe life goes on without daring to jump on it.

Unfortunately I gave these pieces away before having a chance to get a proper digital copy of it, and apparently, the new owner got rid of them not long after.

These collages were made using recycled paper over card.