HORNED SQUIRREL BIRD This weird looking creature depicts a fantasy species of rodent, related to the Platypus, called ‘Kerato Skiouros Poulí or Ornithosciuridae gallunus’ , also known as Horned Squirrel Bird. It is an egg laying mammal which, like the … Read More


SCORPION DUCK This mysterious looking bird depicts a fantasy species of poisonous duck called ‘Melanitta Scorpionis’ , also known as Scorpion Duck. It’s main characteristic is its feathered ‘mammal like tail’ with a spur at the end of it which … Read More


HORNED ICY PIGEON This weird looking bird depicts a fantasy species of pigeon called ‘Columba Glacies Cornutum of the family Magnos Rostelli’ , also known as Horned Icy Pigeon. It used to live in the Arctic region and it used … Read More


SCARLET IBIS This singular bird depicts a fantasy version of the ‘Eudocimus Sedens Ruber’, also known as Scarlet Ibis Sentada. It is about 4 inches high, decoupaged with pieces of magazine paper and varnished. If you’re interested in buying this … Read More

Christmas Robin

Christmas Robin This little robin poses on top of a rock and could be a very nice Christmas decoration for your table. If you’re interested in buying this piece or commissioning a similar one, please get in touch. This figure … Read More