Making Of -Timelapse Compilation

The second half of 2016 was very busy for me, apart from my normal activities, work, laziness and others, I Spent quite a lot of time planning my so awaited holidays in Chile (which took place just after Christmas) and … Read More

The Making Of Max&Max

Max&Max are a couple of collage portraits that feature the gorgeous Max Ehrich and Max Emerson. These two collages are part of a mini collection, currently in progress, of beautiful men called #ManCrush, and consist on portraits made out of … Read More

Harry Potter Studio Tour

OK:… this is not an art project or anything like that … it’s just free publicity (for the WB does not pay me to promote their attraction) for the Tour to the original Sets of the Harry Potter saga in … Read More


This project actually began in 2006, after seeing one of the scenes of the original play performed in the theatre, in an entrance examination that my friend Efrén, the writer of the text, had held at the University of Chile … Read More