Harry Potter Studio Tour

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\"\"OK:… this is not an art project or anything like that … it\’s just free publicity (for the WB does not pay me to promote their attraction) for the Tour to the original Sets of the Harry Potter saga in London.

This was our second visit to the studios because my partner is a little (just a little) bit obsessed with the movies stared by \’the boy wizard\’ and as a self-birthday present, he decided to go and visit again this place, which I must admit, is fascinating.

No roller coasters or scary rides as they have at the Orlando or Japan parks, but here you can see the original costumes, original sets, furniture and tapestries, creatures and prosthetics that were used in the movies.

More than an amusement park, it\’s like a museum … from where several prop-replicas have come to decorate our house, including all Horcruxes, 20 magic wands of the most iconic characters, the Gryffindor Sword and even a Death Eater\’s mask.

Here I leave you with a compilation of photos edited to the rhythm of a \’Dub-Mash\’ version of the main theme from the films.