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Animated adaptation of the play ‘Monologue of a Lonely Man’ written by Karlos Efren, that tells the story of a man and his failing marriage, which is only held together by the couple expecting a baby.

Rodrigo and Vida are going through a crisis in their marriage, which pushes Rodrigo into the arms of Ana, a prostitute he met on the internet. When this relationship starts getting serious, Vida realizes that she is pregnant, a fact that abruptly changes Rodrigo\’s feelings and plans with Ana diverting all his attention on the baby to be born.

Spoken in Spanish with English subtitles.
(Film – 2015)

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The Mutant Rat

Ten years after the original premier, this classic film by #MiqueFilms returns with a new edition, a new timeline plus never seen footage and new audio that give coherence to this nonsense of a horror story.

This is the story of a strange creature that lives in the cellar of a long abandoned house. A couple of friends have come to investigate, being forced to face the horrors that hide in this place.
(Short film – 2004/14)

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A Great Idea


This animation features the original text written by Elizabeth López which tells the story of how dreams stop coming true when we don’t believe in them, treating them as such, just dreams.

This short film is dedicated to the APS family, particularly to its new generation. It’s about those ideas that we once had, but for one or another reason, they never quite became a reality.
(Short film – 2013)

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Mique & Ross’ Would you marry me?


As a way to celebrate our first wedding anniversary we share our wedding video featuring some of the best moments from our stag day, our civil ceremony and of course, our reception party.

Narrated by our friend Elizabeth López.

(Documentary -2012)

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Karlos Efrén’s 33


A birthday tribute to our good friend, partner and brother Karlos Efren.

A journey through his life, his achievements and his goals, ending with a great finale as good as a Glee club’s performance.

(Tribute 2012)

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Pandoreando – Popurry Kitsch


One of the greatest hits by the Mexican trio Pandora, the Juan Gabriel medley, interpreted by 3 APSians, 2 somebodies and 1 ridiculous one, giving the best of themselves in this Kitsch performance at Blondie discotheque and ex Oz.

(Music – 2011)

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Un verdadero Himno para un año inolvidable. Interpretado por los Asistentes de Idiomas en Reading Uk 2009-10.

An unforgettable souvenir of our experience as Language Assistants in Reading.
(Music – 2010)

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Farewell FLAS 09-10


Nobody said it was going to be easy, but one day it had to end…

This is our official farewell video to finish this great adventure of being Language Assistants in Reading, UK 2009-10.

Un emotivo registro de lo que significó habernos conocido y haber compartido por tanto tiempo juntos.
(Tribute – 2010)

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Home sweet home – The Piggott Team


This is a little souvenir to remember what it was to share our house in Reading, UK.

Inspired by the opening credits of the 80’s TV series Alf, this short film features our little ‘Piggott family’ and the home that brought us together for almost a year in the UK.

(Short film – 2010)

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The Fig Tree


This poem, written by Juana de Ibarbourou (1892-1979) teaches us how just one simple word could change an entire life.

This poem marked my life as a child, and through this rustic animation I decided to pay tribute to my childhood friend Eli, and over all, to my deceased mother Rita (1959-2009)

(Short film – 2009)

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Misión Los Aromos


This documentary shows the work made by the ‘Misioneros Sopeña’ at Los Aromos shanti town in the commune of Colina in Santiago, Chile .

This video was produced in collaboration with Misioneros Sopeña as part of the Regional meeting of Sopeña volunteers at Oscus Quinta Normal in 2008.

(Documentary – 2008)

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My best Friend


This short film tells a story from Dolores Sopeña’s biography mixed up with a tale from the book \’Cuentos con Alma\’.

It is spoken in English (not perfectly) by the students from the Elementary English course at OSCUS Quinta Normal 2008 as a tribute to the founder of Oscus, Dolores Sopeña.
(Short film – 2008)

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Images from Chiloe


Ending credits from the documentary ‘The Trauco’s route’ filmed at Chiloe’s archipelago.

Unfortunately, the whole video cannot be published yet.
(Documentary – 2008)

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Pameleando en Concepción


This video features as the DVD menu from the documentary filmed with our friend Pamela, following her visit to her family in the city of Concepción.

Unfortunately, the whole video cannot be published yet.

(Documentary – 2007)

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Let’s dance Cesar


This is just a funny but humble tribute to our great friend Cesar as a celebration of his 30th birthday.

(Tribute – 2006)

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Farewell Eli

What was supposed to be a 2 month holiday in Switzerland for our friend Eli, became a stay of almost a year.

As a farewell present, and to make sure that when being away she wouldn’t feel home sick (and she would cry a Little bit), with a group of friends we produced this silly video.

(Tribute – 2006)

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the Abu-Kasem


The adventures of the Palestinian family that starred in the soap opera ‘The Pincheiras’ return in this nonsense mixture of Chilean TV shows, where we finally see the evil Martín Ortuzar being caught by no one else than the charismatic super hero: The argyle patterned sock-man.

A ridiculous story that aims to mock the ethnic stereotyping featured in the Chilean soap operas.
(Short film – 2005)

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The Mutant Rat


This is the original version (2004) of this ridiculous story of a mutant rat that hides in the cellar of an abandoned house.

Eli and Michel decide to enter this house to tidy up and settle there together, but while they clean and explore the house, Eli is bitten by the rat, which causes a series of strange reactions in her mind.
(Short film – 2004)

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Jane Eyre


If you read the book you’ll know what the story’s about, but you won’t understand this video. If you didn’t read it, you won’t understand it either, because it is spoken in very weird English and the audio is horrible… but you’ll probably PYSL.

A particular version of the Charlotte Bronte classic which tells the story of an emotionally unstable girl, who apparently enjoys backpacking a lot!

(Short Film – 2003)