The Making Of Max&Max

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Max&Max are a couple of collage portraits that feature the gorgeous Max Ehrich and Max Emerson.

These two collages are part of a mini collection, currently in progress, of beautiful men called #ManCrush, and consist on portraits made out of recycled magazine paper which forms a mosaic type of collage mounted directly on wooden frames and coated with amazing #ArtResin.I made these two boring videos as a sort of \’making of\’, to show you the progress of the creative process (or the labour if you will).

One of them features the Max Ehrich portrait progress, based using still images of some of the stages, and the other one is a \’before and after\’ look of the effect that #ArtResing gives these pieces.For my next project I hope to defeat my stage fright and film a proper progress video.If you like it, please share on your social networks, follow me on my social networks, and more importantly, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive notifications when I upload new contents.