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This British actor is best known for his comedy roles in series like ‘White van man’, ‘Trollied’ and ‘Plebs’, being the last one where he makes the most to show off some sexiness both with his charismatic personality and with his body. However, his most important role has been in the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’, where he played ‘Hizdahr zo Loraq’, who became ‘Daenerys’ husband when she took the city of Meereen. For the first time I saw him without his afro hairstyle, and looking even more sexy although he was covered in lots of robes. I have to say that this isn’t the typical #ManCrush for me, since he isn’t considered a hunk and he doesn’t go around showing off muscles or abs, but he does have a very sexy personality and the way he owns that hairstyle give him his place on this collection.

This collage was made using recycled paper from magazines on a wooden surface, padded with a layer of cork, a magnet and coated with #ArtResin.

If you’re interested on commissioning a similar piece, please get in touch.

Dimensions: 30×30 cm