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This project actually began in 2006, after seeing one of the scenes of the original play performed in the theatre, in an entrance examination that my friend Efrén, the writer of the text, had held at the University of Chile to apply for a post-graduate degree in dramatic direction or something like that. Since then I got hooked with the story, wanting to know its origins and how it would finally end, for the examination only included one scene from the middle of the story. But it was only in 2009 when I came to read the full text, while living in England and feeling a bit down, with nostalgia missing my friends that I decided to make this animation.

Initially I thought it would be easy … I created a very simplistic storyboard, rearranged some of the scenes, to make more sense of the story and got a couple of volunteers to record some of the voices (Ana, Stephano and Kaileigh) with an English  and Spanish version of the text. (Unfortunately the English version never saw the light). Apart from this, my dear Ross, who at the time was trying to conquer my heart, offered to do the drawings. I got voices for the rest of the characters in Chile, where I spent the following year, leaving the production of drawings on stand by, dedicating my spare time to editing the audio until I returned to England in 2011. by that time, Ross had already conquered me, so his availability to draw under my strict requirements as director wore out and so, little by little everything was becoming more difficult, long and tiring … also, one thing was to have the drawings on paper … a different one was having to scan them, colour them, and animate them (frame by frame, in the case of the eyes and mouths) leaving as the only motivation to continue, the desire to finish.

That was how after finishing each scene (with their backgrounds hand painted with watercolours, sound effects and ambience, and the rendering which took hours and hours just to realize that there was an error and I had to rearrange everything and render again) I ended so tired that I forgot project for a couple of months, sometimes several couples of months.

That’s how the years went by, until May 2015 when I finally finished the post-production… in the middle of the Chilean winter, and since the intention was to have a big premiere after so much work, we decided to wait a bit to show this work to the world and with Elizabeth, my friend and partner in crime in Santiago, we began planning the mega premiere, sponsored by her small business \’Kellun\’, and carried out the difficult duty of finding a date where both Chilean actors who lent their voices, and Efren, the writer of the text, were available to attend. So we chose September 12, 2015 to show the world this laborious project.

Everything was ready: an outdoors projection, a nice buffet for the guests, live music to liven up, it was quite a big production … but not even half the guests came to the red carpet, not even the main actor or my friend Efrén, who couldn’t travel from the north of the country that day … Those who attended, I think they enjoyed it, but still, after only 120 visitors and 1 like in youtube nearly a year of its release, it makes me a bit sad.

Anyways, my intention is not to convince you to see this by pitty … but because I think it is an interesting work with a thorough and effortful production worth seeing. So please sit back and enjoy this tragic story and if you like, do not forget to shout it to the world by giving thumbs up, subscribing to the channel and social networks, and above all, sharing with your friends.